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This week has been a challenging week on the homefront.  I did make forward progress where the writing is concerned, though.

Despite the fact that I didn't write every single day - have written 'only' three days this week - I do feel as though accomplished a great deal where my writing life is concerned.  I'm getting more firm of a hold on my personal ideals as a writer and that fact makes all the difference in the world to me.

With regard to the current novel in progress...  I'm getting a deeper understanding of all the ins and outs.  I've changed its point of view from third person with several different character POVs to first person from the perspective of the heroine.  There are some thoughts about telling the story of the antagonist from her perspective as well.  I'll see whether that will come to pass or not.

A lot of questions are being answered there, and there are some thoughts beginning to mill about my mind with regard to another novel set around another, completely different world.  Again, we shall see what comes to pass with that as well.

Until next week, friends... Hope you're all doing well in life and as you work toward your own goals!

Write on!
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