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 - Go through The Writer's Workout (NOT an affiliate link)  (One per day)

- Improve on my ability to write SHORT stories

- Write 1 piece per month for possible publication

- Submit 1 piece of writing a quarter for possible publication

- Write 150k with [community profile] inkingitout- Make check-ins on Sunday (WB and ROW80), Tuesday (WB) and Thursday (WB).

-  Have rough draft for Return of Shadows (working title) completed NLT 21 March 2012

- Have FINAL draft for Return of Shadows (working title) completed by 31 May 2012.

- Have outline for Book #2 done NLT 31 May 2012

- Start writing Book #2 in the series by June 1 2012

- Have rough draft for Book #2 completed by 15 October 2012

- Have FINAL draft for Book #2 completed by 31 December 2012

Shorter Term Goals

Complete PlotWriMo
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