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 I'm still alive and kicking on this end and still trudging along with my ROW80 goals.

After NaNo, I found myself riding high on a cloud.  December 1st saw me stepping out with PlotWriMo...  As a result, I began restructuring my plot from the ground up.  So much seemingly changed!  For the better, though.  As of today, my word count is sitting just under 58k.  My goal for ROW80 is to be at 75k by the end (December 22nd).  11 days to go with 1553 as my daily goal between now and then.  I proved with NaNo that is definitely do-able.  Still... there's a small voice inside wanting to kick my rear for it.  It's okay.  It's all part of the process, right?

I've been restructuring things plot-wise.  I actually created a giant storyboard yesterday...

See... I'm a very visual and hands on sort of person.  As much as I love the storyboard function of Scrivener, it just hasn't been working for me as well as I'd wanted.  So, I decided to actually make a storyboard of a giant whiteboard, sticky notes, and different colored pens.

Today, I sat down at my desk, played around a bit with my notes.  Beyond that, I didn't get much on that front done.  Still... that's okay.  Tomorrow is another day.  Everyone will be back to work and school.  I'll have a bit of running around to do in the morning, but when I come back, I'll definitely get some writing done.

Above all else... I need to remember that it's all a process, and I ought to enjoy it because I'll never write my 'first novel' again.

Take care all and WRITE ON!

[Edit:] I almost forgot to mention!  For those who are frequent visitors, you'll notice that I've changed my spot for posting my check-in.  This is my actual writing journal.  Figure it would make things much easier to keep all the chronicles of my journey in the same space.  I might actually check in more often too... *wink*  And you can use OpenID here to comment, if you feel so moved to do so.  Thanks for dropping by!
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