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Admittedly, I took the day off from writing yesterday. I'm some 7000 words ahead of my goals and had a few other things that I wanted to take care of. So, it was my 'day off'.

I've gotten nearly 600 words written so far today. Not a big amount, I know, but waiting for a bit of uninterrupted time in order to get more done.

Things are going pretty well with it. I didn't end up writing what I had originally planned on... Came up with another plot bunny. A sci-fi based one... But, I'm getting to a point where it's rolling along. When I can write on it, at least. lol

Anywhoo... I'm at 22955, at the moment. Hoping to make it past the 25k mark today. *crosses fingers* We shall see how cooperative the muses are, as well as the pre-schooler.

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