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So, I'm dusting off the old journal here... It's time for NaNo again. Despite the fact that I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to participate this year, given everything else that I have going on (eg deployment, school, and three kids). Yet, here I find myself once more. The lure is just too strong!

If one were to ask why am I doing it, though? For all the reasons that I listed above, all the things that I have to be responsible for. I just need some time each day to PLAY. I need some time to get lost in a world of my own creation, while living life, love, and adventure vicariously through the characters existing within the confines of my imagination, IF only for a little while... I need the creative outlet, AGAIN, that I've been denying myself.

Oh, for certain, I've been busy in the blogosphere, relating the events of my life and focusing on helping people to empower themselves, but, even that, isn't creative as much as it is a "mind dump". No, what I'm planning to do here is PLAY!

This will be my fifth year, and while I have my eye on the "prize"... it is not my motivating force this time. What will be motivating me is my desire to not go completely nutters in my "mundane" life!

So, with that in mind... I guess I best get things together, hmmm?
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Admittedly, I took the day off from writing yesterday. I'm some 7000 words ahead of my goals and had a few other things that I wanted to take care of. So, it was my 'day off'.

I've gotten nearly 600 words written so far today. Not a big amount, I know, but waiting for a bit of uninterrupted time in order to get more done.

Things are going pretty well with it. I didn't end up writing what I had originally planned on... Came up with another plot bunny. A sci-fi based one... But, I'm getting to a point where it's rolling along. When I can write on it, at least. lol

Anywhoo... I'm at 22955, at the moment. Hoping to make it past the 25k mark today. *crosses fingers* We shall see how cooperative the muses are, as well as the pre-schooler.

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