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You can never go back.

The words resounded through Elizabeth’s heart and mind, twisting both in a manner that she had not been prepared for. While she had no doubts that death was a permanent state of being, what she was experiencing in that moment and place just seemed so far from what she had always imagined it would be. Sitting within the shade of an apple tree, her mind drifted to the incident which had apparently wound her up there.

The bus had come out of nowhere. By the time she saw it, there had been no time to react.

The event played vividly through her mind once more and in slow motion. She heard metal collide with metal. The crunch of impact turned her stomach. The tinkle of shattered glass falling to the ground. She thanked whomever was watching over her children that day. Had situations been “normal”, they would have been right there with her.

But what of those on the bus? She could not stop herself from wondering what had happened to them. Had they come out of the wreck all right? Or had they, too, perished as well?

Her gaze drifted around the courtyard. Many priestesses milled about the courtyard, likely seeing to their daily tasks. Yet, she could see no others who wore the simple white gown that she herself wore. Relief washed away the panic that had suddenly filled her belly. Perhaps, she was the only one that perished in the accident. There was, however, another part of her that felt very much alone.

“I heard we had a new arrival.”

Raising her gaze, Elizabeth watched a woman with long dark hair make her way toward her. “You must be Elizabeth,” she said as she sat down beside her. “I am Grainne. I am the priestess, here on the Isle of Women, that will oversee your transition.”

Elizabeth’s brows rose in a questioning slant. “The Isle of Women?” It was a place she could not recall ever having heard mention of. “In what body of water does it reside?”

A smile drifted up to the other woman’s lips. “Not in one that you would ever have been made aware of. At least, not beyond myth, of course.
For certain, there are a few among your people who are able to remember, there are none that have ever been here and returned to your world.”

“So, it is true then. I can never go back?”

Grainne’s head tilted to the side slightly. “Truth. It is such a slippery thing. One’s search for truth can very much resemble a can of worms once opened. Or so I’m led to believe.

“While it is true that you may return, you may not do so for long, and most certainly not in the form that you became accustomed to occupying. That one, I fear, was damaged beyond even our ability to repair it.”

“But…” Elizabeth’s brow furrowed as she glanced down at her body. “It looks the same as it always did.” Yet, there was also something different about it. Beyond the tingling sensations she experienced, it appeared somehow translucent in appearance.

“Indeed.” A smile returned to Grainne’s lips. “It is a complex idea. Even those who are familiar with it, find it sometimes difficult to wrap their minds about it, and it most certainly won’t be helped by your current state of flux. Perhaps, once you’re further along in the healing process, I will attempt to explain it. For now, please just know that all is well and as it should be.”

Standing, Grainne’s smile brightened as she looked down upon Elizabeth once again. “One of the priestesses will be by to take you to the healing pools soon. For those who have not yet experienced them, they can be surprisingly rejuvenating.”

For a brief moment, she paused, appearing as though she were contemplating her words very carefully. “There are many who are most relieved by your arrival, Elizabeth. My sister and I chief among them. There are grand things upon the horizon for you. Should you choose them for yourself, you will be required to harness the strength I see shining in your eyes. In order to so, though, you must first learn to believe in yourself.”

“There is much which hangs in the balance…” Grainne added before turning and walking away.

In her wake, Elizabeth was left to further contemplate the conversation. So odd. If she had not been confused by her situation previously, she most certainly was now. What had Grainne been carrying on about? What was it she thought was hanging in the balance, and what part did she believe Elizabeth had in righting it? Why, she was naught more than a stay at home mother from the midwest. The greatest thing that ever hung in the balance before now was whether she was to prepare red or white meat for dinner on any given night.

And what was all that nonsense about strength and believing in herself? Of course she was strong. She was the mother of four kids, all of which she had delivered naturally. If that didn’t prove her strength, she most certainly did not know what did!

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Elizabeth Hall
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