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Dec. 30th, 2011 08:51 am
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Welcome, dear cyber traveler, to my home on the web.  Well, my 'other home' on the web.  Where dawnluellan.com would be the stately manor, where VIPs are formally received, this is the little cottage in the back gardens where friends are always welcomed.

Here, you will find all manner of things with regard to my own writing journey.  The ups, as well as the downs.  The challenges and the triumphs.

So, sit back, prop your feet up, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and stay awhile.

I'm so glad you're here!

And please remember, if you are coming from other blog spots on the web, you don't need to make your replies anonymously.  Dreamwidth does allow for commenting with OpenID.  And if you're coming from Wordpress, all you need do is enter your WordPress.com URL. Example: username.wordpress.com.  I'd love to know it was you that dropped by.  That way, I can pop over to visit you as well.


Sep. 20th, 2016 06:59 am
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 *coughs from the dust*

It's been nearly 5 years since I last popped in here. I almost wasn't able to get in. I couldn't remember the password, and I no longer use the email address that was attached to the account.

It's been a wild ride and has its ups and downs.

I'm back to writing... for fun.

I discovered that putting a price tag on something you love... It isn't easy, and in this case, I eventually became blocked to the point where I didn't write much of anything beyond journal entries in my paper journal.

At one point in my journey, I even had an editor at a publishing house say, "send me your manuscript once it's done!"

It never got to that point, but it may someday.

For now, I'm back in the flow. Where it will take me, if anywhere, is anyone's guess.

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Taken from [personal profile] ashtoreth.

You are The Tower

Ambition, fighting, war, courage. Destruction, danger, fall, ruin.

The Tower represents war, destruction, but also spiritual renewal. Plans are disrupted. Your views and ideas will change as a result.

The Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. The Tower stands for "false concepts and institutions that we take for real." You have been shaken up; blinded by a shocking revelation. It sometimes takes that to see a truth that one refuses to see. Or to bring down beliefs that are so well constructed. What's most important to remember is that the tearing down of this structure, however painful, makes room for something new to be built.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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This week has been a challenging week on the homefront.  I did make forward progress where the writing is concerned, though.

Despite the fact that I didn't write every single day - have written 'only' three days this week - I do feel as though accomplished a great deal where my writing life is concerned.  I'm getting more firm of a hold on my personal ideals as a writer and that fact makes all the difference in the world to me.

With regard to the current novel in progress...  I'm getting a deeper understanding of all the ins and outs.  I've changed its point of view from third person with several different character POVs to first person from the perspective of the heroine.  There are some thoughts about telling the story of the antagonist from her perspective as well.  I'll see whether that will come to pass or not.

A lot of questions are being answered there, and there are some thoughts beginning to mill about my mind with regard to another novel set around another, completely different world.  Again, we shall see what comes to pass with that as well.

Until next week, friends... Hope you're all doing well in life and as you work toward your own goals!

Write on!
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Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever. (Snagged from [personal profile] ashtoreth.)

This is a little longer than six sentences, but that's okay... It's my journal and my entry, right? *winks*

This comes from my WIP - Return of Shadows - and features my female protagonist, Elizabeth Hall.

“You need to develop some hobbies,” her best girlfriend, Pamela, had told her.

Easier said than done. She first needed to figure out what she was even interested in!

She had interests, she reminded herself. At least she thought she did. After all, she hadn’t always been a wife and a mom, right? At some point or another, she had been a person… an individual… right?

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Well, then... this is the first time since the beginning of the year and my current writing challenges (ROW80 and InkingItOut) that I'm actually checking in. Why? Well, primarily because I've been forgetting to do so, but, also, because I've come to the conclusion that I bit off than I'm actually able to chew. It's for that reason that I'm going to re-evaluate my previous list of goals and edit it.


- Write DAILY (even if it's a couple of hundred words)

This week has gone better in this respect than the past couple of weeks. I'm moving on my word count for InkingItOut.

- Have rough draft for Return of Shadows completed by the end of Round 1

There is a great deal more to my current novel than I originally believed. Instead of focusing on the 'finishing', I'm planning to focus on the 'doing'. I may or may not finish the first draft by the end of this round, but that's not going to be my primary focus. Rather, I'm going to focus on the 'journey', rather than the 'destination'.

- PLAY with characters (at least) a couple of times a week

I've been doing more of this in an effort to get to know my female protagonist and antagonist better.

- Make a Sunday Fic Meme post each week

I haven't started this yet, but am planning to make one of these posts this evening.


- Check in at least one time a week for ROW80 and inkingitout (Most likely on Sunday)
- Pop over to read/comment on (at least) 5 other check-ins
- Catch up on Twitter 30 min/day
- Catch up on FB 30 min/day

The writing takes precedence. All else will fall into place when 'it is time', but I am going to make a point to pop over to visit others tonight.


- Get up and move for (at least) 10 minutes a day
- Read (at least) 1 hour a day

I'm not getting rid of these entirely, but I'm just not going to formally keep track of them...

Beyond that, I'm still swimming - in a different body of water, it seems, but I'm still at it!

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Today starts Round 1 of the ROW80 challenge 2012. Given that I'm only planning to check-in once a week (most likely on Sundays), I thought I would update with my goals for this round.

- Writing

- Write DAILY (even if it's a couple of hundred words)
- Have rough draft for Return of Shadows completed by the end of Round 1
- PLAY with characters (at least) a couple of times a week
- Make a Sunday Fic Meme post each week

- Community

- Check in at least one time a week for ROW80 and [community profile] inkingitout (Most likely on Sunday)
- Pop over to read/comment on (at least) 5 other check-ins
- Catch up on Twitter 30 min/day
- Catch up on FB 30 min/day

- Personal

- Get up and move for (at least) 10 minutes a day
- Read (at least) 1 hour a day

It looks like A LOT, but it really isn't, and I'm going at it in a pretty organized fashion. We shall see, but I'm feeling really good about it.

Yesterday started the year-long challenge over at [community profile] inkingitout . There, I'm challenging myself to write 150k words throughout the duration of 2012.

I'm currently standing at '0' words for the challenge, even though it started yesterday.  I thought I would start the out the gate with both challenges today given the holiday yesterday.

Where [community profile] inkingitout is concerned, I'll be counting the words I write toward my novel(s), as well as character play.  (All work and no play makes the writer a dull girl. *wink*)

So... here's to a bright and prosperous 2012!  May it be a wonderful one for us all!
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For the first time in a (seemingly) LONG time, I finished a book of fiction today.  YAY!  Granted, it was one that I've read before, but I've been wanting to continue on with the series that eventually evolved since I first read it, but didn't remember enough about the story line to continue on.  It has been most effective in assisting to fill the well.

Kristin Lamb - I believe it was - talked about the importance of reading... not just writing.  It was one of those concepts that I remember thinking, "yes, I know", but was not one that I really knew.  She mentioned how she reads one book of fiction, as well as one trade related text each week.  I'm honestly thinking of shooting for that as well.  At least where fiction is concerned...

This book (The Outlander) was one that the Plot Whisperer had used in her video series as an example at one point.  It was that mentioning that spurred me to read it again.  I'm glad I did.  Not just because it was one that I enjoyed (the first time, as well as recently) but it helped to illustrate the principles that I've been learning with regard to craft.  One of the greatest things was why it is suggested slowing things down - drawing things out - during the climax sequence.  It causes a reader to hurriedly flip through the pages to find out what happens next.

Beyond that, I've considered 1) tightening up the plot lines and sub-plot lines a bit and 2) actually playing with my characters a bit.  For starters, the main protagonists from this first novel, as well as the antagonists.  Experience reminds me this is a very good way to get to 1) get to know the characters a bit better and in a more 'relaxed' environment and 2) get a better handle on their individual voices.  It seems counter productive (at least to the IC), but in the end... it helps, I believe.

In addition to this... I'm continuing to consider my goals for this upcoming year - personally, spiritually, and "professionally".  A good deal to consider, but it's coming along.  I'm planning to have my "professional" ones - at the very least - ready in time for the beginning of [community profile] inkingitout  on Sunday and ROW80 on Monday.

Progress being made.  In baby steps, but forward motion, none-the-less.
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This was the first round I participated in ROW80 and, admittedly, I didn't participate as much as I would have liked.  I think it had something to do with NaNo eating my brain.  I did learn a great deal along the way, though.  Not only about how I would like to participate in future rounds, but about myself and my process.  So, I will be back next time and stronger for this initial experience.

Where my goals and progress are concerned...

Goal #1: Get at least 1/4 of Book #1 written… 25,000+ words

This goal changed at the beginning of last month.  I decided I was going to write 75k instead.  That was after I'd made the decision to take the NaNoWriMo challenge, which I did meet.  Once November 30th hit, though, my writing habit seemingly suffered.  I was more than a bit toasty around the edges, I think.  It didn't help that I recently ran into some health challenges on top of the holidays.  Needless to say, I resigned myself to the fact that I just wasn't going to make that word count this time around.  I did, however, make it to just under 62k, which is a good deal more than I'd originally intended.  So, in the end... I would say I was definitely successful in that respect.

Goal #2: Post here [dawnluellan.com] 3x a week, at least.

I didn't make that goal.  Not even close.  And, in the process, I moved over here [to Dreamwidth].  It's here that my dear sister/friend and writing buddy and I communicate.  It's just easier for me to keep it centralized.  When the time comes when I'm feeling ready to start building my platform, then I'll spend more time back at dawnluellan.com.  Until then, I'm focusing more on the process and the journey.

Now, as the sun sets on this round of ROW80... I wish you all well.  I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.  Until that time... May the holiday season be filled with light, love, and laughter for you and yours!  May 2012 dawn brightly for all of us!

~ Dawn

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 I'm still alive and kicking on this end and still trudging along with my ROW80 goals.

After NaNo, I found myself riding high on a cloud.  December 1st saw me stepping out with PlotWriMo...  As a result, I began restructuring my plot from the ground up.  So much seemingly changed!  For the better, though.  As of today, my word count is sitting just under 58k.  My goal for ROW80 is to be at 75k by the end (December 22nd).  11 days to go with 1553 as my daily goal between now and then.  I proved with NaNo that is definitely do-able.  Still... there's a small voice inside wanting to kick my rear for it.  It's okay.  It's all part of the process, right?

I've been restructuring things plot-wise.  I actually created a giant storyboard yesterday...

See... I'm a very visual and hands on sort of person.  As much as I love the storyboard function of Scrivener, it just hasn't been working for me as well as I'd wanted.  So, I decided to actually make a storyboard of a giant whiteboard, sticky notes, and different colored pens.

Today, I sat down at my desk, played around a bit with my notes.  Beyond that, I didn't get much on that front done.  Still... that's okay.  Tomorrow is another day.  Everyone will be back to work and school.  I'll have a bit of running around to do in the morning, but when I come back, I'll definitely get some writing done.

Above all else... I need to remember that it's all a process, and I ought to enjoy it because I'll never write my 'first novel' again.

Take care all and WRITE ON!

[Edit:] I almost forgot to mention!  For those who are frequent visitors, you'll notice that I've changed my spot for posting my check-in.  This is my actual writing journal.  Figure it would make things much easier to keep all the chronicles of my journey in the same space.  I might actually check in more often too... *wink*  And you can use OpenID here to comment, if you feel so moved to do so.  Thanks for dropping by!
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Exercise for Day #1 

Found at: http://plotwhisperer.blogspot.com/2011/12/4th-annual-plot-writing-month.html

"Fill out the following for your protagonist. If you have written a story with multiple viewpoint characters or strong secondary characters fill out the following for those characters as well. If the major antagonist(s) in your story is a person, fill out the following for that character, too. (If you filled out this profile(s) at an earlier point in your writing, do it again now without referring to the earlier form(s))"

Character’s name:

Dramatic Action Plot

Overall story goal:
What stands in her way:
What does she stand to lose:

Character Emotional Development Plot

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 - Go through The Writer's Workout (NOT an affiliate link)  (One per day)

- Improve on my ability to write SHORT stories

- Write 1 piece per month for possible publication

- Submit 1 piece of writing a quarter for possible publication

- Write 150k with [community profile] inkingitout- Make check-ins on Sunday (WB and ROW80), Tuesday (WB) and Thursday (WB).

-  Have rough draft for Return of Shadows (working title) completed NLT 21 March 2012

- Have FINAL draft for Return of Shadows (working title) completed by 31 May 2012.

- Have outline for Book #2 done NLT 31 May 2012

- Start writing Book #2 in the series by June 1 2012

- Have rough draft for Book #2 completed by 15 October 2012

- Have FINAL draft for Book #2 completed by 31 December 2012

Shorter Term Goals

Complete PlotWriMo
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Ooooh! Just came across something (via[community profile] nano_writers) I think I'm going to participate in this month. Thought I'd share!

It's the 4th Annual International Plot Writing Month.

This is a chance to revision and redefine the plot arch of your project before actually rewriting the manuscript. (This also works for writers without a first draft. Whether you merely have an idea for a story, a few chapters or scenes, just tweak the assignments to make them work for wherever you are in the process.)

Writers follow the blog from all over the world everyday every December for plot tips and tricks and inspiration beginning Dec. 1st to shape their words into a compelling story.

No writing is required. Instead, you'll step back and consider the overall structure and plot of your story, push aside the words and analyze the characters and dramatic action and thematic significance you have written to craft the project into a coherent piece worthy of publication. . Brainstorm for an effortless draft two in the new year.

It's only day 2, so I'm planning to head over today - or this weekend, at the latest!

Edit:  Also came across some gems on craft from Janis Hubschman via this post from Jane Friedman.

"When the story stalls, ask: what is the character thinking now? Is she thinking anything? If not, why not? Characters need to learn something about themselves, about their values and assumptions.

To gain insight into a character, consider her history: Think about what happened before the story, what tortuous path led the character to this particular moment?

Allow the character to misinterpret another character’s words or actions. In life, we often misread a situation, jump to conclusions. Interesting things can happen when characters make presumptions or project their own hang-ups onto others."

The original post from Janis Hubschman, which was part of Glimmer Train can be found here.
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You can never go back.

The words resounded through Elizabeth’s heart and mind, twisting both in a manner that she had not been prepared for. While she had no doubts that death was a permanent state of being, what she was experiencing in that moment and place just seemed so far from what she had always imagined it would be. Sitting within the shade of an apple tree, her mind drifted to the incident which had apparently wound her up there.

The bus had come out of nowhere. By the time she saw it, there had been no time to react.

The event played vividly through her mind once more and in slow motion. She heard metal collide with metal. The crunch of impact turned her stomach. The tinkle of shattered glass falling to the ground. She thanked whomever was watching over her children that day. Had situations been “normal”, they would have been right there with her.

But what of those on the bus? She could not stop herself from wondering what had happened to them. Had they come out of the wreck all right? Or had they, too, perished as well?

Her gaze drifted around the courtyard. Many priestesses milled about the courtyard, likely seeing to their daily tasks. Yet, she could see no others who wore the simple white gown that she herself wore. Relief washed away the panic that had suddenly filled her belly. Perhaps, she was the only one that perished in the accident. There was, however, another part of her that felt very much alone.

“I heard we had a new arrival.”

Raising her gaze, Elizabeth watched a woman with long dark hair make her way toward her. “You must be Elizabeth,” she said as she sat down beside her. “I am Grainne. I am the priestess, here on the Isle of Women, that will oversee your transition.”

Elizabeth’s brows rose in a questioning slant. “The Isle of Women?” It was a place she could not recall ever having heard mention of. “In what body of water does it reside?”

A smile drifted up to the other woman’s lips. “Not in one that you would ever have been made aware of. At least, not beyond myth, of course.
For certain, there are a few among your people who are able to remember, there are none that have ever been here and returned to your world.”

“So, it is true then. I can never go back?”

Grainne’s head tilted to the side slightly. “Truth. It is such a slippery thing. One’s search for truth can very much resemble a can of worms once opened. Or so I’m led to believe.

“While it is true that you may return, you may not do so for long, and most certainly not in the form that you became accustomed to occupying. That one, I fear, was damaged beyond even our ability to repair it.”

“But…” Elizabeth’s brow furrowed as she glanced down at her body. “It looks the same as it always did.” Yet, there was also something different about it. Beyond the tingling sensations she experienced, it appeared somehow translucent in appearance.

“Indeed.” A smile returned to Grainne’s lips. “It is a complex idea. Even those who are familiar with it, find it sometimes difficult to wrap their minds about it, and it most certainly won’t be helped by your current state of flux. Perhaps, once you’re further along in the healing process, I will attempt to explain it. For now, please just know that all is well and as it should be.”

Standing, Grainne’s smile brightened as she looked down upon Elizabeth once again. “One of the priestesses will be by to take you to the healing pools soon. For those who have not yet experienced them, they can be surprisingly rejuvenating.”

For a brief moment, she paused, appearing as though she were contemplating her words very carefully. “There are many who are most relieved by your arrival, Elizabeth. My sister and I chief among them. There are grand things upon the horizon for you. Should you choose them for yourself, you will be required to harness the strength I see shining in your eyes. In order to so, though, you must first learn to believe in yourself.”

“There is much which hangs in the balance…” Grainne added before turning and walking away.

In her wake, Elizabeth was left to further contemplate the conversation. So odd. If she had not been confused by her situation previously, she most certainly was now. What had Grainne been carrying on about? What was it she thought was hanging in the balance, and what part did she believe Elizabeth had in righting it? Why, she was naught more than a stay at home mother from the midwest. The greatest thing that ever hung in the balance before now was whether she was to prepare red or white meat for dinner on any given night.

And what was all that nonsense about strength and believing in herself? Of course she was strong. She was the mother of four kids, all of which she had delivered naturally. If that didn’t prove her strength, she most certainly did not know what did!

Muse (Character):
Elizabeth Hall
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 869
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So, I'm dusting off the old journal here... It's time for NaNo again. Despite the fact that I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to participate this year, given everything else that I have going on (eg deployment, school, and three kids). Yet, here I find myself once more. The lure is just too strong!

If one were to ask why am I doing it, though? For all the reasons that I listed above, all the things that I have to be responsible for. I just need some time each day to PLAY. I need some time to get lost in a world of my own creation, while living life, love, and adventure vicariously through the characters existing within the confines of my imagination, IF only for a little while... I need the creative outlet, AGAIN, that I've been denying myself.

Oh, for certain, I've been busy in the blogosphere, relating the events of my life and focusing on helping people to empower themselves, but, even that, isn't creative as much as it is a "mind dump". No, what I'm planning to do here is PLAY!

This will be my fifth year, and while I have my eye on the "prize"... it is not my motivating force this time. What will be motivating me is my desire to not go completely nutters in my "mundane" life!

So, with that in mind... I guess I best get things together, hmmm?
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Admittedly, I took the day off from writing yesterday. I'm some 7000 words ahead of my goals and had a few other things that I wanted to take care of. So, it was my 'day off'.

I've gotten nearly 600 words written so far today. Not a big amount, I know, but waiting for a bit of uninterrupted time in order to get more done.

Things are going pretty well with it. I didn't end up writing what I had originally planned on... Came up with another plot bunny. A sci-fi based one... But, I'm getting to a point where it's rolling along. When I can write on it, at least. lol

Anywhoo... I'm at 22955, at the moment. Hoping to make it past the 25k mark today. *crosses fingers* We shall see how cooperative the muses are, as well as the pre-schooler.

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I woke up this morning, not entirely certain what I was going to write. I hit 7021 words yesterday, and the characters are being quite uncooperative (so is the preschooler). My heroine thinks her male counterpart is a nut job, and their 'sidekick' is crapping in his pants. He's not the most heroic of individuals, and he's been drug along on the adventure of his life. He's going to be asked to jump off the precipice into a world that is entirely incompatible with the one he knows; the one that he's comfortable with.

So, when I woke up this morning and started contemplating what I was going to write, I wasn't really looking forward to it. I had no idea how I was going to progress. I did, however, start considering how my hero knows the things that he knows, from whom did he learn them. That opened the floodgates of possibility again. So, I'm humming along again. For now.

Today's word count: 1868 (so far)
Total word count: 9069 (not bad for day 3)

Today's treat: Dinner out! Whoo hoo!

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